The photographs of Eleanor Labrozzi have evolved over a period of years. Focusing primarily on black and white in the early stages of her career, she has now turned to experimenting with color and patterns. Her photographic focus began with a broad view of nature and its intrigues. As her talents and techniques developed she turned from a broad spectrum to the elements that compose a whole. The field once shot now becomes the flower, the flower becomes the petal.

Eleanor’s photographic ability, is combined with a good eye for color and design. Using textures derived from nature she creates new forms. Working with details and components, she has found a way of expressing the patterns of nature and man into a new visual composition. By creating a geometric pattern of her photographs she creates a new visual form.

Labrozzi wedding photography begins with the bride’s preparation and ends with the married couple cutting the cake. In -between it’s as if Eleanor is writing a novel or filming a movie. Unobtrusively, the photographer sets the narrative on the bride, following her through the day, watching, waiting and working with her and those around her, seeking out the magic of the unrehearsed moments and capturing them as they unfold. Spirited as well as spontaneous, a Labrozzi photograph captures the essence of the most tender, funny, touching and profound scenes from your wedding. The end product is your own personal love story, told through carefully sequenced images, presented in a form that expresses your taste and style.

Establishing a new standard of excellence in fine photography for wedding and special events, Eleanor Labrozzi began her career thirty years ago as a fine art photographer, and assisted professional wedding photographers. It wasn’t before long she saw and felt how exciting it is to capture and preserve a true love story unfold before her eyes. It has been fifteen years and she still feels and sees each wedding for its romantic beauty and individual fairy tail come true.

Fine portraiture and exciting candids created by an experienced eye, quality equipment and a generous spirit. Eleanor Labrozzi is known for her compelling photographs of people. Her ability to explore private moments, yields intimate portraits that are at once peaceful, elegant and intriguing. Her artistic images are designed to provide a unique keepsake that adds warmth and charm to your home.